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Video Door Phone are also known as Video Door Entry or Video Intercom are one of the must have electronic security systems for your house / apartment. Using video door phone, without opening the door, you can see & communicate with the visitor and once you are confident of the person, you can open the door to let the person in. Most of the video door phone now comes with lock release function and if you have electronic lock for the door connected with your video door phone, you can unlock the same using the indoor unit or your phone.

There are two main component of the video door phone, the outdoor unit (comprising of Camera with IR, Mic, Speaker) & Indoor unit (Screen/ Monitor) which comprise of screen, Mic and speaker. In some video door phones you will find additional cordless phones which serves as extra indoor unit and gives convenience of communicating with the visitor from anywhere in the home and you need not go to the wall mounted main indoor unit which is mostly placed near the door.

In most of the VDPs, if needed, more than one Indoor Units can be connected for the ease of use. Other indoor unit can be fixed bedroom, on first or second floor of the house etc.

The Security Layer provided by a Video door phone

  1. First Level Security: This security layer is provided by the Video Door Phones at the entrance of residential community. This security layer will be operated by the security guard who verified the credential of the person and grant the entry to the community.
  2. Second Level Security Level: Second level security is also called as lobby security. In this case the visitor dials the flat number and the flat owner after communicating can allow the access to the visitor from lobby entrance.
  3. Third Level Security : Here the visitor comes in front of the house /flat /villa door and communicates with the houses owner by standing in front of the outdoor camera ( outdoor unit) . The flat owner can grant entry to the flat by opening the door manually or by lock release function of Video Door Phone.


On the basis of technology used, there are two type of Video Door Phones:

1-Analogue Video Door Phones: They use analogue cameras & display.

2-IP Video Door Phones: They use IP cameras and digital display. IP VDPs have better expandability and networking qualities and integration with Building Management Systems or other security systems like CCTV Systems, Security Alarms etc are easy.


There are three type of Video Door Phone on the basis of connectivity.

  • Wired Video Door Phones: Needs wiring for power as for data to run from outdoor to Indoor Units.
  • Wireless Video Door Phones: No need for data wiring, but need wire for power. They communicate over home Wi-Fi and can be accessed by phone using the same Wi-Fi.
  • Smart Phone Compatible Video Door Phone: These can be connected to our smart phone over internet and Wi-Fi.

On the basis of type of premises, the Video Door Phones are of flowing types:

  • Single Villa video Door Phone / Stand Alone Video Door Phone: This is used for a single house owner where one outdoor unit & one indoor unit will be there.
  • Connected VDPs (Or Expanded VDP Systems): These systems are used in a bigger house or a multistory house occupied by same or extended family. Here there is one outdoor unit, but more than one indoor unit fixed at different location of the house. Extra Cordless phones with small screen made for VDPs can be connected in limited numbers which works as indoor units in addition to main unit.
  • Multi Villa Video Door Phone/ Multi Apartment Video Door Phone: These video door phone systems are used in community housing. They provide 3 Level of Security.


Brands of Video Door Phone Available in India.

Panasonic, Godrej, Secureye, Hikvision, CP Plus, Dahua, Bosch, Honeywell.